Illustrated Letters, The Book

Illustrated Letters, The Book


A collation of content from the ‘Illustrated Letters’ project - a one-off year’s subscription to handwritten letters in the mail, delivered once a month for the whole of 2018.

All copy is made up of original content (no recycled quotes or #inspo here), written and lettered by hand with ink and a sumi brush by Little Sister Co. and printed locally on sustainable, Australian-made and FSC-certified stock.

Each book features:

  •  10 spreads featuring each letter and illustrated extras from the #illustratedletters2018 project, printed on the same textured stock as the original letters.

  • High-quality 350gsm cover with foil-print finishing.

  • Dedication to the original 2018 subscribers and supporters of the project.

  • Cotton-thread binding.

This product is proudly designed and produced wholly in SA.

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