Illustrated Letters 2018 Subscription

Illustrated Letters 2018 Subscription


Illustrated Letters 2018

One year of the best mail ever.

Subscribers will receive 12 packages in the mail - one for each month - containing a letter and little something extra. All of the copy in 'Illustrated Letters' will be made up of original content - written and re-written, lettered by hand with ink and a sumi brush, and then printed locally on sustainable, Australian-made stock.

Each letter will vary in length and content; some months there might be a lot to read, whilst others you might have a shorter letter and more illustrated content such as postcards, greeting cards and other goodies.

At the end of the year, you'll also receive a copy of 'Illustrated Letters, the book' - a collation of the year's letters (with your name immortalised forever in print in a dedication to subscribers).


Orders close January 5 2018.

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Can I purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! When placing your order, just make sure that you enter your own email address so that I have some contact details for you on file, and then enter the correct shipping information for the lucky recipient (feel free to also leave a note at checkout, or contact me via email to let me know it's a gift). 

You can download a printable gift voucher here to let the lucky recipient know that they have something pretty special on the way. 

If you'd like to order more than one subscription (eg. one for you, one for a friend), please place a separate order for each subscription that is going to a new shipping address.

What if my shipping details change?

No problem! Just make sure you always have access to the email address that you provide at checkout - you can send me an email ( at any time to update your details.

What will the letters be about?

Each letter will vary in terms of length and content; some will be a little cheesy, others more heartfelt. Think of each one as a pep-talk/love-letter/little message of solidarity. I’ll be keeping the exact content of 2018’s letters strictly under wraps so as to keep each package a surprise, however you can see a sneak peek at an excerpt from the first letter scheduled for January 2018 here