Yes, you are (creative).


This post is for everyone; no matter what you do for work.

When you work in a creative industry, you get a lot of strangers and new acquaintances coming up to you to say ‘Oh, I’m not creative’, (often with a wry smile, as if they’re making some kind of confession) and I always want to say ‘Actually, I think you probably are’.

Creativity isn’t just about making pretty pictures for a living; at its core, it’s simply expressing and engaging curiosity. There’s creativity in teaching, parenting, cooking, writing, science, dancing, storytelling, songs, jokes, and in learning a new skill. There’s creativity in stringing two words together, if you do it thoughtfully.

We need creativity; it doesn’t have to be a career, just something you do for yourself and your health. Exercise it like a muscle; stay curious, observant, playful. Try things without needing or expecting financial reward or critical praise - a dog doesn’t chase seagulls because it expects to catch anything, it just does it out of an ineffable combination of instinct and joy.

You don’t have to have great hand-eye coordination. You don’t have to wear a beret or a black turtleneck. You do need to be curious. You need to be a little bit brave. You need to have vision (the non-literal kind). You need to be willing to get it ‘wrong’ or look silly sometimes; to ask, “what can I see that other people can’t, and how do I get them to see it too?”

Doris Chang