Here's to great clients.

Let’s face it: we in the freelance community love trading client horror stories. There’s something grimly satisfying - and oftentimes, quite hilarious - about recounting your most trying freelance experience.  We’re all eager to prove that we’ve earned this chip on our shoulder, that we’re battle-hardened survivors (albeit slightly bitter and self-righteous ones).

Looking back at the projects, businesses and people that I’ve worked with so far however, I have to say that I’ve been incredibly lucky in this regard of my career; either the freelance gods have been smiling down on me, or boy, do I really know how to pick ‘em.

So this post is a shout-out to the clients who provide a platform for creatives to do their best work; the ones who trust you to deliver, who become true advocates for your work – both throughout the course of a project, and long after it ends - and who know how to give feedback that genuinely makes your work better.  Cheers, guys.

Doris Chang