I Hope You / A3 Print

I Hope You / A3 Print


'I hope you' A3 print; an open letter to women everywhere.

Written and hand-lettered in ink by one little sister and digitally printed on high quality, 340gsm, FSC-certified and 50% recycled stock. 

This letter is a compilation of everything I hope for, for all women (and men, in fact); a reminder, a message of solidarity. 25% of the sale price of this product will be donated to One Girl to support projects aimed at promoting the equal rights and education of girls around the world.

W 297mm x H 420mm


Full text:

I hope you feel free to build your life the way you want; bake, knit, be an artist or an astronaut or an anthropologist. I hope you never feel guilty for wanting 'it all'. I hope you never feel guilty for not wanting it all.

I hope you learn to just be; to live completely present, wherever you are, instead of watching yourself, constantly and critically, from a distance. I hope you realise that, in the great pie-chart of ‘Things That Validate Human Existence’ - the things that define us, things that we pursue and value most highly in ourselves and in others - ‘looks’ would be but the finest, most insubstantial sliver, and we need more to fill us up and round us out

I hope you know that strength (in its truest and most powerful form) comes not from physical capability but from courage, character and resilience - and I hope the people you surround yourself with know it too. X

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