Image credit:    Rosina Possingham

Image credit: Rosina Possingham


The little sister.

Hey there. I'm Doris Chang; the Adelaide-based Illustrator, Designer and Writer behind Little Sister Co., a range of whimsical, humorous and heartfelt scribblings for brothers and sisters big and little, sons, daughters, parents, partners and friends, rendered in water colour and ink.

The younger of two daughters, I am in many ways an archetypal smallest sibling; the name 'Little Sister Co.' is a nod to that feckless younger sibling that everyone in the family sometimes doubted would ever grow up: the one with too many ideas in her head, the dreamer, the wanderer, the one that everyone was (is, still) always trying to fatten up.

What I love about working in water colour is its organic nature. The materials speak for themselves and are beautiful on their own; it's not about painstakingly rendering an image to perfection, but manipulating the natural characteristics of the material in front of you. When I illustrate it's less like painting and more like pushing and pulling pigment around - a successful piece of work is usually an unlikely combination of careful planning, spontaneity and fast reflexes.

Welcome; take a look around.